The sale of Goods and/or Special Products by Ansa Coatings Limited are subjected to the following terms and conditions.

In these terms and conditions the following definitions shall apply:

    • Seller” refers to Ansa Coatings Ltd.
    • Buyer” means the consignee and/or its agents names on the sales order and/or invoice.
    • Goods” means the ABS products documented on the estimate, pro-forma, sales order and/or invoice and includes Non-Standard or Special products
    • Standard products” means the Ansa Coatings Ltd. product(s) stated on the sales order and/or invoice.
    • Special Products” refers to non-standard Goods manufactured by the Seller, and made in accordance with the Buyer’s order(s).
  1. Payment terms for credit customers are that – invoices must be settled not later than the end of the month following the date of invoice.
  2. Sales to credit customers are subject to their established credit limits and payments consistency relative to the terms as stated above.
  3. All Goods and/or Special products must be paid for prior to delivery for the customer not subject to credit terms.
  4. A contract for the sale of Goods and/or Special products shall be created once the buyer affixes his signature to the sales order and/or invoice and shall constitute acceptance of these terms of conditions of sale. The Seller shall not be obligated to complete the Buyer’s sale order for goods and/or Special Products until the Buyer’s signature has been affixed in the manner aforesaid.
  5. Prices of Goods and/or Special Products are inclusive of Value Added Tax and does not include the cost of delivery.
  6. Prices of Goods and/or Special Products should be checked thoroughly by the buyer at the time of delivery for any damage, shortage and/or non-conformances before they are accepted by the Buyer. The signing by the buyer, his agent and/or his representative of the invoice shall constitute acceptance of the Goods and/or Special Products as is.
  7. The seller shall not under any circumstances be liable for any direct, indirect or consequential loss or damage suffered by the Buyer in connection with the sale and/or use of the Goods and/or Special Product including but not limited to lost profits and opportunity costs. The seller’s liability shall be limited to the repair and/or replacement of Goods and/or Special Product. In any event liability for any damages shall be limited to the purchase price of the Goods and/or Special product.
  8. Exchange of Goods that are, undamaged and totally intact, shall be subject to the colour and date of manufacture and such exchange shall be at the sole discretion of the seller.
  9. Special Products made in accordance with the Buyer’s order(s) cannot be returned for cash, exchange or credit.
  10. A restocking charge of 10% of the value of the item(s) shall be applied to all Goods returned/exchanged which have been returned/exchanged after having been – delivered in accordance with the Buyer’s instructions.
  11. Title to the Goods and/or Special Product shall remain with the seller until full payment for same is received by the Seller. The Buyer shall assume the risk for the Goods and/or Special Product upon delivery.
  12. Interest shall be charged at the rate of 2% per month on the value of the Gods and/or Special Product or any part thereof for which the Buyer has not taken delivery and in the case of credit customers have not met the payment terms outlined above.
  13. Any variations or waiver of the terms and conditions herein (including any special terms and conditions agreed between the parties) shall not be valid unless agreed in writing between the parties.
  14. Any costs incurred by the Seller in use of a collection agency, to collect outstanding receivables, shall be for the account of the Buyer.
  15. The Seller – reserves the right to amend the forgoing terms and conditions at any time without prior notice.
  16. The Buyer may have additional rights under the manufacturer’s warranty prior to acceptance of these terms and conditions of sale.
  17. The Seller shall not be deemed to be in default or responsible for any delays or failure in performance of its obligations under these terms and conditions as a result of acts of God, war, civil disturbance, strikes, unavailability of labour, materials, power or any other caused beyond the Seller’s control. These terms and conditions of sales are governed by the laws of Trinidad and Tobago.
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