Berger Grip & Seal Primer

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Berger Grip & Seal Primer is a 100% pure acrylic water based, primer, specially formulated with the latest high-performance resins for applications to a variety of surfaces including directly onto metal and non-metal. Its superior stain-blocking, sealing qualities, good flash – rust resistance and excellent adhesion makes Berger Grip & Seal Multi-Surface Stain–Blocking Sealer Primer an outstanding base coat for the application of topcoats to new and previously painted wall, wood and metal.

AREAS OF USE Interior and Exterior
SUBSTRATE Metal and Non-Metal
COVERAGE Wood: 350 – 400 sq. ft/gallon (8.5 – 10sq m/L)
                         Concrete: 350 – 400 sq. ft/gallon (8.5 – 10sq m/L)
                         Metal: 450 – 570 sq. ft/gallon (11 – 14 sq m/L)
DRYING TIME Touch dry 15 minutes; Topcoat – 1 hour
VOC >10g/L (Near zero VOC)

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