Penta Weathershield

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Penta Weathershield Exterior Emulsion is a premium quality acrylic co-polymer emulsion paint, specially formulated for exterior masonry walls. It contains a powerful combination of biocides to protect it against the unsightly growth of fungi and algae, light fast pigments to resist fading by our strong sunshine, and a tough, flexible acrylic copolymer resin to prevent cracking, flaking and peeling caused by our harsh tropical weather.

GLOSS: Low Sheen
SPREADING RATE: 300-350 ft.2 /US Gal. per coat depending on porosity and texture.
DRYING TIME: Touch: 15 minutes, Recoat: 1 hour
APPLICATION METHODS: Brush, roller, Conventional Spray and Airless Spray but the prime-coats should be applied by brush.
NO. OF COATS: 2-3 depending on colour and contrast of paint and substrate
THINNING: Water, but only as needed
V.O.C.: 39 g/Litre

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