Berger 404 Gloss Oil

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Berger 404 Gloss Oil Paint is a premium quality, hard wearing finish, with algae, fungi and mildew resistant properties. Berger 404 Gloss exhibits excellent stain removal and penetration properties and is specially formulated for exterior and interior surfaces in a tropical environment. Berger 404 Gloss provides superior dirt resistance, dries to a smooth, glossy finish and is self-priming on bare wood. Formulated with green environmentally friendly raw materials including low odor solvent.

AREAS OF USE: Interior and exterior
SUBSTRATE: Wood, metal, plyboard, and other surfaces
COVERAGE: 8 – 11 (m2 /L) Practical coverage depends on the porosity and texture of the surface.
DRYING TIME: Touch, 4-6 hours; Hard dry overnight & Recoat 16 hrs


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